Westside Law Firm has established itself as an experienced team, with extensive knowledge of different fields of Law. Below are a list of the types of Law which we speciailise in and the services we provide under these areas of Law.


Westside Law Firm has a proven track record in achieving successful results in litigated matters. Whether it be a Local Court or a Supreme Court matter we have the optimal solution for you. Our focus is advancing the interests of our clients in the resolution of disputes. Our client focus ensures we provide optimal cost effective solutions for you.

Our litigation lawyers can help you with:
· General advice and assessment of your dispute
· Litigation and dispute resolution strategies
· Risk management and dispute avoidance
· Legal representation on your behalf
· Negotiation and representation
· Commencing and defending legal proceedings


When people are accused of a crime, they face the possibility of the Court imposing a severe penalty or even going to jail. Given the consequences, people should have good legal representation.

At Westside Law Firm we have a proven record in helping people successfully defend charges, negotiate a lesser charge or minimise the penalty that may be imposed on certain charges. We tailor optimal solutions to each individual case.

We can help you with:

· Protecting your legal rights
· Negotiating with prosecutors
· Realistic assessment of your case including advising on the prospects of success and what is likely to happen should your case go to trial.


Whether buying or selling residential, commercial or investment property, we can meet your legal needs.

We can advise on the following:
· Contract preparation and negotiation
· Financing and refinancing
· Tender preparation
· Dispute resolution
· Environmental compliance and town planning
· Leasing
· Mortgage transactions
· Foreign Investment Review Board approval


When a relationship ends, the law has a role to play in determining the parties' future rights.

At Westside Law Firm, we understand the stress and emotional aspects of this process and we strive to find a solution that is appropriate to your circumstances.

We can advise on the following:

· Divorce
· Property settlement
· Child support (maintenance)
· Resident's rights
· Contact (access)
· De facto relationships


Having a Will that is well drafted is essential if you are concerned about what will happen to your assets and belongings after you die. A Will ensures that family and any other dependants are provided for if anything was to happen to you.

We can advise on the following:

· Wills
· Appointment of executors
· Guardians for children
· Rights and responsibilities of administering an estate


Sound legal advice is essential in today’s competitive business environment. We offer a range of commercial and business services including:

· Establishment of your business (including companies, partnership and trusts)
· Preparation of commercial agreements
· Commercial leases
· Licensing
· Commercial litigation and dispute resolution
· Sale of business transactions
· Debt recovery


Westside Law Firm offers a full range of migration services from lodging visa applications, lodging an appeal to the MRT or even an appeal in the Federal Court.

Our registered migration agent can advise you on:
· Migration law and policies
· Sponsoring a family member or spouse to Australia
· Applying for skilled migration
· Business and employer sponsorship applications
· Investment visas
· Temporary and visitor’s visas

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